Nate & Sarah Johnson
AIMS is the most effective and strategic missions organization we’ve ever come across, and our decision to join them was immediate. Our hearts were lit aflame as the amazing team in AIMS shared their vision with us, and now we hope your hearts are lit ablaze too. Like a rock dropped in a pond causes the water to be affected all the way to the shore, so AIMS is going to affect the world! Every single human being is unique, and every single person in the world will spend eternity some where. Every individual person that AIMS reaches is one more person in our heavenly family, and one more person who won’t go to hell. Without your role as our partner, our job would not get done. When you stand in heaven before the Heavenly Father, every soul reached through our work in AIMS will be directly attributed to you. We can never thank you enough for partnering with us for the most important task we’ve ever been given: the Great Commission, but we’ll certainly try! Our greatest need currently is for reoccurring monthly partnerships, however, anything you can give is effective and very appreciated! May the Lord Bless you mightily as you step out in faith and partner with us! A HUGE THANK YOU FROM THE WHOLE JOHNSON FAMILY.