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Eric and Becky Lara are personal friends, they have left their home here in Woodland Park and have joined forces with Joy to the World Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
What We’re Doing
God has a plan for Thailand. He is impacting Thailand through His people. (That’s you and me). He loves the Thai people and He wants them to love Him too. His love for them has brought Becky and I to Thailand to do the work He has called us to do. We have come to love the Thai people and are looking forward to working there for a long time to come. The work we do there, the impact we are having, is bigger than we know. However, we do know and do see the impact we are having on a few young women and their children now. God’s love is making a difference in their lives today. When we remove one woman and her child from the cycle of shame, we are making a difference in their lives now and for generations to come. Only Jesus can fix the problem, we are his servants reaching out one relationship at a time. Today, about 5 out of 1000 births in Thailand are to children between the ages of 10-14, (UNICEF). That’s about 150,000 10-14 year olds having babies this year. We can help change this.
Recent Developments
Home of the Swallow
Here is a link to the project we are going to be working with beginning in Jan 17. Becky will be coming along side to evaluate their current program and help cast a vision for where they want to go. She will then help them build curriculum to achieve that goal..

Children’s Home in Chiang Rai

In Jan 16 we started to work with a children’s home in Chiang Rai. It is entirely run by Thai people, there are about 90 kids, with about 5 staff. We will continue to develop our relationship with them and hope to build an aquaponics project with them.
View their latest information at –